Mineral makeup Natural skincare Soy candles and melts Reed diffusers
Mineral makeup Natural skincare Soy candles and melts Reed diffusers
Enhance your beauty naturally -
no fillers, no nasties. Just stunning colours and a flawless finish with our award-winning makeup.

Fifteen luscious shades of Lipgloss
For supple resilience and natural glow, we use only pure, natural ingredients that are good for your skin and formulated for high performance.

Radiance from the Face care range
The joy of soy! - sustainable and eco-friendly soy: non-toxic, water soluble, cleaner and safer. Hand poured and finished for a high quality product.

Apothecary candle in Rejuvenation
Scent your rooms with our elegant fragrant reed diffuser, made with finest ingredients. Reversible reeds for a fragrance boost.

Aroma Reeds diffuser
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Best eyeliner - Winner ANH 2012 awards
2013 our Lipgloss in Kathleen -
awarded best lipgloss.
2012 - Our Mineral Eyeliner in BlueGrey -
awarded best eyeliner.
2011 - Our Mineral Crème Foundation -
awarded best foundation.
2010 - Our Mineral Mascara in Black -
awarded best mascara.

What our customers say
There is no foundation on earth like your foundation – flawless and incredible coverage. Wow! Angelique, VIC
My skin was very red and puffy around the eye area. I purchased your products and was so excited that night to use them. I have been using them since every day, morning and night and I must say, I am ecstatic. Not only has the redness and puffiness disappeared, my skin feels hydrated and so smooth. Michelle, VIC